'The Clown' Awaits You On VRrOOm's App Now!

'The Clown' Awaits You On VRrOOm's App Now!
November 10, 2018

Step inside, breathe deeply and live the tale of a once-happy family with whom you will share the same gruesome fate. ‘The Clown’ is Vienna's first scary ride (PG-12) designed for a theme park. 

Scream in terror with the Clown on VRrOOm's VR Festivals app from Nov 8 to Dec 8, 2018!

Download the app here: 

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- Oculus store / Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR

- Viveport / HTC Vive

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The Clown film info:
Format: 360 VR
Year: 2018 
World Premiere: June 2018
Directed by: Axel Dietrich
Produced by: Axel Dietrich
Country: Austria
Running time: 3’

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