Disney's 'Moving Floor' Enhances Walking In VR

Disney's 'Moving Floor' Enhances Walking In VR
August 3, 2018

According to a patent that was filed today, Disney is developing a “moving floor” technology. The patent has three different solutions for creating the sensation of walking infinitely in a finite area.


First off, the patent suggests using a vibration technology that will create more or less friction to the user’s feet. This will allow the platform to influence the direction of the user so that they will not contact any walls or other users.

Another method is using a number of rotating disks that can be tilted to influence the direction of the user. Each disk can be rotated independently or as a whole to help guide the user from any obstruction in the physical room.

Finally, there is a solution that involves magnets on the user’s shows and on a “treadmill” beneath the floor. As the user walks, that would move the magnetic treadmill, so the user could walk forever and stay in the same spot in the room.

All of these solutions may never see the light of day, but they do point towards an enhanced VR attraction for Disney Parks like The VOID at Disney Springs.

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