Have You Seen Lovecraft Country's Side Project In VR?

Have You Seen Lovecraft Country's Side Project In VR?
October 16, 2020
Have you checked out Lovecraft Country Sanctum VR? We discuss this interesting side project.


Lovecraft Country has had a strong run on television. The HBO show has garnered a lot of buzz, and it’s delivered some very strong episodes week to week. And now, with episode 9 behind us, we’re just one episode away from the finale.


But did you know HBO’s had an interactive side project running in between shows online? Yes, it’s called Lovecraft Country Sanctum VR. It’s made up of three events that are meant to be experienced via the Oculus VR system, but only a small few have actually been allowed to view it in VR.


The first event, while seemingly no longer on YouTube, took the players through an interactive art gallery. And the second VR experience (which is on YouTube) included a mystical poetry reading and a mini-challenge for the players. The third and final interactive event will be on Monday, Oct. 9 at 10 p.m. ET and will be a virtual concert featuring Janelle Monáe.


Overall, the experience is just quite odd. The vaporwave/’80s style of the VR experience barely fits the aesthetic of Lovecraft Country. And the thematics overall barely crossover into the Lovecraft Country TV show. While it is certainly more of an art form than a game, there’s no denying that this creepy VR experience is probably more chilling than any episode of Lovecraft Country that’s aired. To hear our thoughts on this… interesting artistic endeavor, you can listen to the latest episode of the Lovecraft Country Chronicles podcast. And be sure to let us know on social media or in the comments what you think about HBO’s exploration into virtual reality.


Listen to the Lovecraft Country Chronicles podcast for more!


Lovecraft Country Sanctum VR Is The Weirdest Thing On The Internet

There are lots of weird things on the internet. But today, Mia and Natalie check out Sanctum VR, the little-known virtual reality experience that accompanies Lovecraft Country. How weird does it get? Oh, let us explain. Plus, we share our feelings about season 1 ahead of the finale.

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